Life is too short for ordinary ice cream.

Life is made to enjoy real gelato.

  • Organic raw materials
  • Rich flavor
  • Soft and creamy
  • Authentic italian

Our magic formula.

What’s behind a tasty Italian gelato?

Sorry to deceive you, no magic formula in our organic ice cream. We simply use the best orga- nic products of Certi ed Origin, selected for their quality and taste.
  • Piemonte hazelnuts
  • Pistachio
  • Ricotta cheese and caramelised figs
  • Sicilian almonds
  • Black cherry
  • Granny’s cookies
  • Extradark chocolate
and many more...

Wanna get a sneak peek?

You will find the same signature of our organic ice cream in the natural style of Bio Bio ice cream shop. A stylish Italian design furniture will welcome you to enjoy a sweet break.

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Where to find us.

Bio Bio Miami Beach

1201 - 20th St. Unit 8

33139 Miami Beach