Bio Bio Gelato


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Bio Bio, the authentic organic ice cream

Bio Bio is the first certified organic ice cream shop model.
Only certified organic ice cream, produced using to a quick and straightforward procedure.

Fresh milk and cream, seasonal fruit, origin-controlled and fastidiously selected ingredients, contribute to the unique and unmistakeable taste of real organic ice cream.

How we make our organic ice cream

Our organic ice cream is certified. It consists of a liquid blend
pasteurised at 85 °C (no UHT) and homogenised: ready for use.

You do not need to add any further ingredients;
the ingredients have already been scrupulously selected and processed:
our organic ice cream is not frozen and is ready in 3 easy steps via a user-friendly machine.

You just have to:
1. Open the pack,
2. Pour in the ingredients,
3. Start production.

Bio Bio is for everyone: gluten-free ice cream, cruelty free ingredients and more…

Bio Bio is a tasty solution for everyone:
our product is gluten free, therefore ideal for those who want to enjoy a gluten-free treat;
we also offer several dairy-free flavours for a cruelty free lifestyle.

Lightness, quality, and trustworthiness are the foundations of the Bio Bio gluten free ice cream range.