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Opening a Bio Bio ice cream shop has never been easier

A straightforward production style and
total flexibility await you.

All you need to open your ice cream shop are 30 sqm. of shop floor and
1 ice cream machine! Anyone can do it: ask us for our business model details!
With Bio Bio, opening an organic ice cream shop
is much easier than you’d think.

Beyond the usual ice cream franchise:
 the perks of the Bio Bio model

The simplicity of the Bio Bio model offers an improvement over
the traditional ice cream shop franchise.
The Bio Bio business model guarantees a 23% profit margin increase in
the first 5 years, 100% control over your enterprise,
as well as 50,000 potential exclusive customers in your local area.

Compared to a traditional ice cream franchise
Bio Bio offers NO FRONT FEE and no royalties to adhere to.

The Bio Bio model makes your ice cream shop franchise
dream come true

If you thought opening an ice cream shop franchise
 was a luxury for a lucky few, think again.

Bio Bio simplifies and replaces the existing ice cream franchise model
to enable you to start your enterprise, and does not require specialised sector training;
in a few months you too could open your own high quality organic ice cream shop.

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