Bio Bio Gelato

Bio Bio Gelato

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The art of making ice cream gelato: the creams and the flavors from our heritage

Making ice cream means selecting raw materials and ingredients of premium quality: genuine, Italian and certified products. Preparing Bio Bio Organic Ice cream means selecting ingredients from our soils: Italian products with the added value of organic certification.

Bio Bio, an ice cream gelato that has a true natural flavor. Fiordilatte, Almond, Liquice with extra dark chocolate and the best delicacy flavors from Bio Bio premium heritage.

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Ice Cream Gelato Organic Fruit flavors, only the best from our soil.

Fruit Bio Bio flavors for an organic ice cream prepared according to traditional recipes with ingredients and raw materials carefully selected from our soils. The ingredients used in all Fruit Bio Bio flavors have the added value of carrying the P.D.O (Protected Denomination of Origin) certificate. Not only certified ingredients selected from the best excellences of our Territories, but also a tasty alternative to those who are looking for a healthy and organic lifestyle. Fruit Bio Bio flavors are cruelty-free nutritional alternatives (vegan ice cream) because they are blended without milk.

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Blended flavors and gluten-free ice cream

Bio Bio Ice cream uses certified raw materials also in the production of blended flavors: chocolate, black cherry, wild berries, strawberry, fig, honey and white chocolate are gluten-free with natural ingredients.

The quality of the product will surprise you with its freshness. You can decide to add toppings to your Bio Bio gluten-free ice cream: candied fruit cubes, chocolate drops, nut grains, pine nuts, caramelized almonds.

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