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“MO.CA, a long tradition of quality and excellence in the Italian ice cream industry”

MO.CA S.p.A., founded in the Romagna region in 1952,
has long been at the forefront of the
‘made in Italy’ ice cream tradition.

For more than 60 years MO.CA. has been synonymous with
high quality ingredients and reliable supply;
it is a mainstay in the Italian ice cream industry..

“MO.CA’s guarantee: all the information you need
on how to open an ice cream shop and more”

Would you like to find out more about how to open an ice cream shop?
MO.CA provides a total guarantee of technological efficiency with regards to machinery,
shop furnishings, product supplies and the tools of the trade.

Our long experience in this sector is at
your disposal to provide the support and
professional training needed to enable you
to open an ice cream shop and start your own business.

“Only natural ice cream and first class ingredients”

MO.CA is a byword for tradition and quality:
organic natural ice cream, authentic ingredients,
and certified products are the foundation of our business.

The certified origin of our ingredients
constitutes and guarantees the quality of
our organic products - natural ice cream pure and simple.

Do you want to open an ice cream shop with Bio Bio?

Do you want to know more about the details of our business model,
discover our flavours and find out what equipment
you need to make our organic ice cream?

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